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Fauvism in paintings

Beijing, Wudaokou, One roll of canvas bought in the art-shop
at Tsing-Hua-University
45 days,
10 sketches,
20 paintings,

Visiting our son in Beijing, and the family of his girlfriend in Fuzhou.

We enjoyed China, especially, the mountains in the north of Beijing and the food, the dofus and the hot-pot!

... . We want more. ... . We want more.

in Berlin

One roll of canvas,
8 days,
25 sketches,
8 paintings,
OK, lots of fun
and people.

... . We want more.

with The Royal Scars
Please come,
for the ultimate worshipping

Cable Factory

We rehearse every
Tuesday 18:00 => 20:00
Sunday 12:00 => 15:00
In Schiehal Hal C
Delft, Schieweg 15

Building moving sculptures,
along an endless road.
It are moving targets,
Delivered by plane loads.

Skulls wiggling on long poles,
Hip bones eaten bare,
Eyes flying over my head.
Lips forming over my ears.

Imprinting words in my wringled soul,
Weaving star shapes into my outer lobes.
Wax flakes melting in my hands,
Smearing them out over an expanding shoulder curve.

... . We want more.


Flora Theater

Big Bright Brains,
       Hot Long Legs.
She is walking 
        through the City*,
       And it aint the same.

And she is coming,
        and she is coming,
And she is coming,
        So closely by.

And she is coming,
        and she is coming,
She bends forwards
       and lifts her legs.

And she is coming,
        and she is coming,
She reaches out,
       stretches her shirt.

Rolling the pavement,
        As she goes.
Counting the clerkheads,
        As she goes.
... . We want more.

New Years Eve
with The Royal Scars

Cable Factory

... . We want more.
... . We want more.
... . We want more juice all around.
We want more juice all around.

In your mouth, dripping of your lips.
In your ears, hanging on that rings.
At your arms, in your pits.
In the words slipping of your tongue.

... . We want more.


Cable Factory

Mademoiselles d'Avignon with one Client

No time to waiste, it's party time at Club Avignon

Mademoiselles d'Avignon with one Client

Grim Museum


Grim Museum

Some incident happened and so we were painting in the Grim Museum. Nothing wrong with that.

Painting in front of the Grim Museum Berlin

Street Theater: Berlin Lacht


On Stage:

The street theater festival was going to start, so we were thinking: "Maybe we can put the paintings against one of those walls with grafitti."
So we walked into the office of the festival, that was downstairs of our room. We had heard and seen them sitting on the veranda before, having breakfest at Saturday morning at seven.

They pass away in the summer night, like a ripple of wind passes over the leaves in the trees. Gently dancing to oblivion.

Painting in front of the Grim Museum Berlin
May 14-22

Kunst Hall Delft

De Nieuwe Academie

Frank Koenen presents ArthurX@DNA

This is a large exhibition of the paintings and sculptures,
which gives them the space they require
in an underground like disused factory sphere.

It befits the raw and emotional style.
The expressive lines and colors contrast with the functional building.

What makes the exhibition especially attractive, is the widely varying and interacting crew of volunteers and visitors.

KunstHalDelft Dna

KunstHalDelft Dna


Paris at Night

Song with piano
Photo's of Paris
in 1987

Paris at Night

She walks away,
She goes away,
She set me out.

It makes no sense,
The words I say,
She goes her way.

It's Paris at night,
The light breaks apart,
The bulb that shines.

A window that opens,
A door that closes,
It's all shut down.

The march is over,
The battle is fought,
Every men has gone.

Paris at Night

Berlin III

Painting in atelier
Boxhagener Platz,

War, Police, Paintings

Black hooded nazi's,
Black dressed Leftists
Bare footed hippie's.

Beer bottles,
Beer bottles,
Beer bottles.


Early morning

Sunrise in the meadows and small canals,

Beginning of the summer.
Misty air rising out of the reeds.
Willows, poplars and birds,
Slowly awakening from their sleeps.
The summer is calling aloud:
Awake, Awake!
Life flows forth.
It's now.
Only now.


OPDORP Vlaanderen (Belgium)

5 Sculptures by ArthurX

Sculptures in Bronze
Blues Brother Voodoo Queen.

Out of some wild ancient tribe of prehistoric times
and the only things left over are these sculptures;
that is what these bronzes are.

The time has gone by.
New civilisations have come and passed.
Still, no words, just bronzes.

March 2008
First Chapter of Book
about ArthurX

Click Here, To view the first Chapter in pdf

Click here for an overview
of the whole book

New Years Eve 2008
Grand Piano Acoustic session
Flora Theater

Click Here, Watch video at Youtube

29 April
12 May

Opening Party
5 May


Live Action Painting
Galerie Amadeus

Click Here for all the paintings Made in Berlin.

November 23th

Live Action Painting

"The crooked old John"

commisioned by Geodelta, Oude Delft 175 ,Delft.

A special view out of the room of the ceo,
upwards to the Old John church.

Click here to see the whole live-painting-session.

Sept 9th 2006
Concert for
Violiste de la Merce
in F Minor
Composed by ArthurX.

Listen to MP3.

 Friday August 18th 
ArthurX paints
the famous statisticus
Thomas Bayes

commissioned by
ABF Valuation

Oude Delft 212,

10th till 12th
Green Squad Energy Festival

ArthurX performing Live
In the NomaDome.

Night long drums,
Naked dancing,
No time to lose.

First of July
July the 15th

Live Action Painting by ArthurX in

Galeria Art-Works
Calle Paradis 3,
Barri Gotic,

The City of Gaudi, Picasso and Miro

Close to Placa Saint Jaume, The temple of Augustus, behind The Cathedral

Wednesday March 29th
tuesday 4 April

Live Action Painting by ArthurX in

Galeria Art-Works
Calle Paradis 3,
Barri Gotic,
The City of Gaudi, Picasso and Miro

Close to Placa Saint Jaume, The temple of Augustus, behind The Cathedral

1 December 2005
Wereld Aids Dag
Auction 21.00
Party 00.00
Sothebys Benefiet Auction in de Vondelkerk/Hotel Arena
voor het AIDS weeshuis

Curator: Eunice Lieveld

May June July 2005 Lithographie
by ArthurX

Galerie Pakhuis 6, Rotterdam
6 March 2004 Live Performance,
ArthurX and
The Royal Scars
Background vocals:
Ann P. and Kel K.
Bagijnhof 15 Delft 22.00
6-14 Dec 2003 The Bienale del'Arte Contemporane di Firenze 2003.
ArthurX represents Holland.
1-7 Jule 2003 Action Painting in Aalen, Germany.
Ten artists from Europe and Japan paint in the open air.
Exhibition and benefit auction afterwards.
Christine Bergam
4 June2003 Review by Brian Berry
InMusicWeTrust, NYC,
of the CD
Love, Peace, Flesh:
..., but he grows on you, well, like a scar...from a cut you never thought you had and have no idea where or when you got it.
27 May 2003 Special limited edition
Parc Village Ocelandes
25-27 April 2003 ArthurX in Ahoy, Rotterdam.
Art fair: 500 artists from Holland and the rest of the world
14 Jan 2003 _26_Feb_2003_ Group Exhibition in Pavillon l'Arsenal Paris with architectonial design:
Three Tulip Office Tower.
8 Dec 2002 National_Dutch_Television, Veronica,
Report about ArthurX:
Art, Architecture and Music.
17 Oct 2002 5th Place in Euro Archi Eco Contest with a design for Kaiserslautern called:
Twin Helix